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As the sport of padel continues to gain global popularity, the demand for constructing quality padel courts has surged. While materials and design play vital roles, the importance of location and orientation in padel court construction can’t be stressed enough. Let’s explore why these factors ensure the best padel experience.

1. Sunlight and Shadows

For outdoor padel courts, orientation plays a pivotal role. A north-south orientation is often recommended to avoid the sun’s glare, which can hinder players’ visibility, especially during sunrise and sunset. Properly oriented padel courts ensure players aren’t disadvantaged due to shadows or direct sunlight.

2. Wind Direction

The prevailing wind direction is another factor to consider for outdoor padel court construction. Building a padel court aligned with dominant winds can disturb the game, as the wind can drastically affect the padel ball’s trajectory. Strategically placing barriers or using the court’s orientation to mitigate wind interference can drastically improve the playing experience.

3. Terrain and Topography

The location of a padel court isn’t just about the larger environment but also the immediate ground it’s constructed on. Flat terrains without any inclination are ideal. Any inclination or unevenness can lead to water logging issues, affecting the court’s longevity and playability.

4. Accessibility and Infrastructure

When thinking about padel court construction, one must also consider its proximity to amenities, parking, and other facilities. A court built in an accessible location with nearby amenities will attract more players and ensure a better overall experience.

5. Safety and Surroundings

Safety should always be a priority. The location should be free from potential hazards. The surrounding environment, including flora and fauna, can also impact the court. For instance, a padel court near trees may deal with falling leaves, while one near a water body might suffer from increased humidity.


Padel court construction is a meticulous process where location and orientation play defining roles. While the sport’s essence remains the same, these choices can significantly affect the quality of play. By carefully considering the environment and the court’s placement, we can ensure a seamless and enjoyable padel experience.